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ArthroStop® RAPID

ArthroStop® RAPID
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ArthroStop® RAPID

Improvement of joints mobility

  • helps to ease painful symptoms of joint inflammation.
  • effective substances protect, nourish and help with the recovery of cartilage.
  • decreases synostosis and improves mobility of joints.
  • is recommended in the case of symptoms of early wearing of joints and backbone.
  • decreases painful symptoms of arthrosis.
  • is recommended in the case of increased load of bearing joints (hard physical work, sport, overweight) and pain in the movement system.
  • improves mechanical properties and resistance of joints.

ArthroStop RAPID tablets represent a unique preparation for the protection and regeneration of joints. The special composition of clinically verified substances – glucosamine, chondroitin and unique elements of Boscedrine (patent-protected extract from the bark of the Boswellia serrata tree) efficiently effects all joints (knee joints, hip joints, other joints for legs, hands and backbone).

For optimal prevention and treatment of diseases of articular cartilage, a supply to the affected areas of the substances is the most important thing which can influence the functions of joints and eliminate possible inflammatory symptoms. Substances which fulfil these criteria are mainly glucosamine and boswell acid.
Glucosamine is a structural element of articular cartilage. By the application of glucosamime we can stop the processes of destruction in the cartilage or significantly restrict them. Suffering from the breakdown of cartilage is very often accompanied by inflammation with the additional phenomenon of swelling and pain. Only boswell acids report a significant anti-inflammable effect which brings fast relief from the pain.


The effect of the two-phase effect of the product ArthroStop RAPID is unique among experts. ArthroStop RAPID represents a special new approach to the solution of problems with joints. The nature of the most common problems with joints is, on one side, damage of the articular cartilage by a degenerative process (wearing of articular cartilage) resulting in arthrosis, on the other side, there are problems caused by inflammation of the cartilage which is reflected externally by unpleasant pain in the joints. ArthroStop RAPID affects in 2 phases and attacks both mentioned mechanisms.

In the first phase it is possible to observe easing and release during pain, this effect is because of the anti-inflammable reaction of the element Boscedrin; in the second phase – long-term – there is a slowing down of the wearing of the cartilage and recovery follows due to the complex effect of clinically verified elements of glucosamine and chondroitine. The use of ArthroStop RAPID, leads to the fast easing of pains, the gradual recovery of cartilages and gradual improvement of the functions of joints can be observed.

Manner of use:

The optimal period for use is 2-3 months. It is recommended to repeat the course 2-3 times per year if necessary. Generally it is recommended for persons with arthrosis to use glukosamine and chondroitin for a long period and repeatedly. A complete 2-month course is represented by a price value package of 180 tablets.


Glukosamine sulphate *2KCl 533,30 mg Chondroitin sulphate 200,00 mg
Boscedrin (extract from Boswellia serrata 65% boswell acids) 50,00 mg Manganese 1,50 mg
Vitamin C 10,00 mg  



3 tablets daily

Recommended to use after meals and to drink a sufficient volume of water.


90 tablets

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