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GinkoPrim Max

GinkoPrim Max
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GinkoPrim Max

For better circulation and a good memory

New GinkoPrim Max contains 50 % more extract from the Ginkgo biloba tree (60 mg). This significantly helps to improve blood circulation to tissues, oxygen and the nutrient exchange to the brain. The effect of Ginkgo biloba is enhanced by the presence of another important element – Magnesium (150 mg). Magnesium helps to relax muscle tension and spasms, thus helping blood circulation to tissues in the organism even more.

GinkoPrim Max positively influences mental activity, especially the memory, thinking and awareness. It helps to stop the feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and stress. GinkoPrim Max also helps during headaches, dizziness and rustling in the ears while reducing the feeling of cold hands and feet.

 What is the secret of the beneficial effects of Ginkgo biloba?

 There is a large amount of flavonoids, terpenes, organic acids and other compounds, especially in the leaves. These compounds dilate the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow to even the smallest capillaries. There is better use of oxygen by the memory cells in the brain tissue. The result is an increase in the quality of concentration and overall metal vitality: students remember their study material better; managers are able to take on more activities and be more competitive, older people become less forgetful and do not feel so confused and depressed. Ginkgo stimulates mental activity without the ensuing state of exhaustion as, for instance, with caffeine. Improving the blood circulation to the limbs reduces the feeling of cold hands and feet. Better circulation in parts of the inner ear helps to stop unpleasant buzzing and ringing in the ears

 The importance of magnesium

Magnesium is essential for regular cardiac activity and for the circulatory system, for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles; it increases the organism’s resistance and reinforces immunity. Many people suffer from magnesium insufficiency because industrially prepared food contains very little magnesium and because it is easily depleted from the body in stressful situations, when using certain medication and when the organism is faced with intensive physical activity.


Ginkgo biloba (standardized extract, 24% flavonoids, 6% terpene-laktons) 60,00 mg Magnesium 150,00 mg


1 tablet a day, best after meals



30 tablets

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